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Calibration Explained

Windshield calibration is the process of adjusting the parameters of a camera in a vehicle to ensure that it captures the entirety of the road. This is important for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to function properly. ADAS systems use cameras to detect objects and hazards on the road, and if the camera is not calibrated properly, it may not be able to see everything that is happening.

Windshield calibration is usually done by our Certified Technician using insurance-approved specialized equipment. The technician will use a target or series of targets to align the camera so that it is capturing the correct field of view.

Windshield calibration is important for the safety of all drivers. If an ADAS system is not calibrated properly, it may not be able to warn the driver of a hazard in time to avoid an accident.


Here are some of the benefits of windshield calibration:

  • Improved accuracy of ADAS systems

  • Increased safety

  • Reduced risk of accidents

  • Peace of mind


Here are some of the situations where windshield calibration may be necessary:

  • After a windshield replacement (must)

  • After a collision

  • If the ADAS system is not functioning properly

  • If the vehicle has been modified

  • Deflated tire can cause the camera to malfunction

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