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Here Are Some ADAS Safety Features and Their Benefits:

LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System)  alerts the driver when there are vehicles in the same direction approaching either side of your car at a certain speed or present next to you.  Your side view mirrors will have a small icon of an amber color car blinking to warn you about making a lane change. Some cars will display a car icon between 2 broken white lines on the dashboard.

LKA (Lane Keep Assistance) is triggered when crossing the road marking lanes without using the turning signal. The system will instantly take control of the entire vehicle and steer the car back into the center of the lane, or will flash a warning sign on the display and or provide an audible sound. Some models will trigger the seat or the steering wheel to vibrate.

FCA (Forward Collision Alert) is the same as Pre Collison-System, Smart City Brake, and or Collision Mitigating Braking with slight variations in their functionality. They all achieve the same result, to prevent cars from engaging in an imminent crash.  This smart feature is triggered to bring the vehicle to a complete stop when you get too close to the object or car in front of you and the crossing pedestrians. It also provides a tailgating alert with an audible sound or vibration in the steering wheel.

ACC  (Adaptive Cruise Control) is like cruise control, when setting the speed at the maximum limit, the radar sensor locks on to the speed of the car in front of you. The radar system takes control of your vehicle speed to keep your distance a few seconds away from the vehicle in front of you, allowing enough space in between to prevent sudden impact collision. Also, it reduces the need to brake or speed up when driving.

AHL (Adaptive Head Lighting) this great feature increases visibility at night driving conditions and when entering a low-light zone. This feature increases the headlight's brightness to improve visibility, especially when driving uphill or around a curve at nighttime.

TSR (Traffic Sign Recognition) this feature scans the road ahead for traffic signs and then relays the images to the ECU ( Electronic Control Unit) in the vehicle to prepare and lay out a course of action such as adjusting to the assigned speed limit, slowing down for unexpected crossing animals, upcoming sharp corners, merging traffic and other various signs.

PD (Pedestrian Detection) this feature is specifically designed to detect human movement on the actual road you are driving. It alerts the drivers when human movement is present and brakes automatically when the driver cannot respond in a timely manner. 

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