1Low Price Auto Glass warrants new automotive glass to be free from defects in material and workmanship on all stationary glasses upon delivery.


Any issues caused by an installation error, such as wind and water leaks, loose moldings, and some types of stress cracks, will be repaired or replaced at no cost to you. This Lifetime Warranty is valid for as long as you own your vehicle, and it is non-transferable. To claim this Lifetime Warranty, you must present your receipt as proof of glass replacement by 1Low Price Auto Glass. This Lifetime Warranty DOES NOT COVER leakage or stress cracks caused by pre-existing rust, corrosion, structural damage, or other damage to the glass caused by vandalism, impact with foreign objects, or auto accident.  Movable Glass such as door glass gets 90 days warranty.

When replacing a car battery or in the event of an auto accident, the Camera may need to be recalibrated again. 1LPAG will recalibrate the camera at the owner's expense. 


If corrosion is present, it must be taken care of before a new windshield is installed for your safety. We prepare the metal (pinch weld) for a safe windshield installation during your auto glass replacement. The urethane seal is warranted to remain fully intact for a specific time after the installation. Depending on the extent of the rust and structural damage, our technician will determine the extent of the warranty. Because of the harmful nature of rust, we cannot guarantee it won't return. This warranty supersedes our lifetime labor warranty when corrosion is present.


 The entire purpose of the chip repair is to reinforce the structural integrity of the windshield and improve clarity. The repair should not be considered a cosmetic improvement to return it to its original shape and in most cases, it will not eliminate visible traces of cracks, although the resin injected will fill the cracks, regardless. The process is only effective in preventing the crack from growing beyond repair.

1Low price Auto Glass is not responsible should the chip were to spread during or after the process. In the unlikely event, the chip does not hold up during the repair process, we would apply the agreed repair amount towards the windshield replacement or your insurance deductible.



  • NO CAR WASH for 24 hours.

  • Leave the blue tape on for 24 hours.

  • Leave any one window rolled down slightly, about (1/2 inch) for 24 hours.

  • Close the doors gently in the next 24 hours.

  • Gently remove the blue tape after a 24-hour period.

If you hear wind noise, it is just the blue tape. Once you remove the tape “Gently”, the noise should go away.

We stand behind the work we do to fulfill your complete satisfaction. It is our pleasure to be of service to you, and we thank you for visiting our website. If you have any questions about our warranty, please contact us at  (408) 992-1141.