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What is a Rain Sensor?

A Rain Sensor is a device that gets activated automatically during rainfall while driving. It is located behind & next to the Rearview mirror bracket on the windshield. In some cars, the rain sensor is part of the rearview mirror bracket all in one that can only be spotted from the outside, resembling a circular camera lens or rectangular shape resembling LED lights.

When glass detects raindrops or gets water droplets on it, the sensor will trigger the wipers to go “ON” automatically.  Eventually, it will adjust to a certain speed predicated on the acceleration of rainfall. The Auto switch is located on a stalk, next to your steering wheel, or on the dashboard. Do not test the wipers on a dry windshield; it can scratch the glass.  Make sure to TURN OFF the “AUTO” position when going into the car wash.

What is a Condensation Sensor?

Sometimes called a Humidity Sensor, it is a device mounted on the windshield behind & next to the rearview mirror, similar to a rain sensor. On some models, the condensation/humidity sensor is located inside the black box (enclosure) housing the rearview mirror bracket. If you spot a vent at the bottom of the black enclosure, that is an aperture for the sensor to detect any moisture buildup on your windshield (inside the cabin only, not outside the windshield).  

Once it detects humidity or moisture accumulating on your windshield (inside the cabin only), it redirects the airflow from the dashboard air vents toward the windshield to clear up moisture buildup to increase visibility.

If your car has a factory-equipped heated windshield, the condensation sensor will automatically trigger the defrost switch to ON mode. It will then turn OFF automatically once the moistness dissipates.

What is a Heated Windshield?

Heated windshields are especially useful in cold climates. When wiper blades become stuck on the windshield during cold weather, a heated windshield will help release the wiper blades from the glass by defrosting the bottom part of the windshield area.


“IF” your windshield is equipped with an additional feature such as a Condensation/Humidity sensor, a heated windshield will dissipate the moisture inside the cabin. For more details, please consult your owner’s manual.  

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