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Windshields equipped with front-facing cameras (not the backup camera) are usually located behind the rearview mirror mounted on your windshield 

They’re designed to protect you from unexpected events about to happen while driving and, help minimize the risk of injuries during accidents. These safety features are built with sensors, radars, and lasers to perform their tasks accordingly while keeping you and your family safe.  

These cameras and sensors need to be re-calibrated to meet the factory specs to function properly.​ Automobile manufacturers have labeled these features as ADAS, which stands for Advanced Driver Assistance System.

What Is Windshield Calibration?

Vehicles are making the change from autonomous driving to Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) that assist in driving and parking functions.  Some cameras are equipped with a single feature such as Lane Departure Warning System or Forward Collision Alert, while others may be equipped with combined multiple features built-in within the same camera or in 2 separate cameras. Windshield calibration is the process of adjusting the parameters of a camera to capture the entirety of the road, guaranteeing the accuracy and reliability of ADAS and its functions.

Do I Have To Calibrate My Windshield?​

If your vehicle has ADAS Safety Features, then it is very important to have your windshield camera calibrated. Not having the camera recalibrated to a newly installed windshield can cause your camera to slowly move from its original calibrated position and have an altered view of the road, making the ADAS inaccurate and unsafe to rely on. The windshield needs to align perfectly with the car's cameras and sensors for the ADAS to function properly.

When Should I Have My Windshield Calibrated?

When you:​

  • replace your windshield

  • have a fault code showing up on your dashboard

  • have disconnected your camera

  • have changed your suspension

  • have changed the alignment of your tires

  • your front airbag gets deployed and deflected off the windshield

  • you're having a repair done, such as Radiator and Condenser repairs, that require the removal of front-mounted sensors​

Are There Laws About Windshield Calibration?

As of 2020, the law states that service shops that replace windshields must also calibrate windshields. Should the owner opt out of a windshield calibration (highly unrecommended), a waiver must be signed stating the service shop did offer to calibrate the windshield, and the owner declined and is therefore responsible for any accidents occurring thereafter.

How Do I Get My Windshield Calibrated?

Contact 1Low Price Auto Glass by calling  (408) 992-1141 or clicking on the contact us button below.

Q: How do I know which features are equipped in my front-facing camera?

A: There are two options.

1. Contact the dealerships near you and provide them with your vehicle's VIN. They should be able to identify them for you. Ask them for their windshield part number, it would help you obtain accurate pricing from our shop.

2. Alternatively, you may stop by our shop during our normal business hours to check and identify the safety features so that we can provide you with an exact quotation. No appointment is necessary.

Q: Would you be able to Recalibrate the camera after you replace my windshield?

A:  Yes!  We can recalibrate cameras on most cars.

Q: How long does it take for recalibration?

A: It depends, anywhere from 2  to 4 hours or longer, so plan on leaving the car with us all day or overnight (if necessary). 

Q:  What is the typical price of recalibration?

A: It varies from one car to another. Our rates are highly competitive with dealers.

Q: Will my insurance cover the recalibration cost?

A: Yes, if you have full coverage on your vehicle. 

Please feel free to contact us with further questions or concerns.

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